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Sample 8"x 108" Polyester Chair Sashes (24 Colors)Sample 7"x13" Sequin Spandex Chair Bands (17 Colors)Sample 7.5"x14" Embossed Spandex Chair Bands (18 Colors)Sample Lace Chair Sashes (23 colors)
Sample 7"x13" Spandex Chair Bands (38 Colors)Sample 8"x108" Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Chair Sashes (10 Colors)Sample Organza Sash (41 Colors)Sample  8x108 Satin  Chair Sash (56 Colors)
Sample 12X116 Angle End Soft Organza Sash( 41 Colors)Sample 9.5x108 Pintuck Taffeta Sash (28 Colors)Sample 9.5x108 Crush Taffeta Sash(31 Colors)Sample Embroideried Chair Sashes (31 Colors)
Sample Jacquard Damask Polyester Chair Sash (14 Colors)Sample Versailles Chopin Jacquard Damask Polyester Chair Sashes (14 colors)Sample Marquis Jacquard Damask Polyester Chair Sashes(12 colors)Sample Striped Jacquard Polyester Chair Sashes (7 Colors)
Sample Plaid Jacquard Polyester Chair Sashes (6 colors)Satin Napkins (56 Colors)Heavy Duty Satin Napkins (38 Colors)Pintuck Taffeta Napkins Samples (28 Colors)
Crushed Taffeta Napkins (31 Colors)Sample Striped Jacquard Polyester Napkins (6 colors)Sample Jacquard Damask Polyester Napkins (14 colors)Marquis Jacquard Damask Polyester Napkins(12 colors)
Versailles Chopin Jacquard Polyester Napkins (14 colors)Sample 20"x20" Sequin Napkins (18 colors)Sample Plaid Jacquard Polyester Napkins (5 colors)Sample Polyester Napkins (25 colors)
Sample 20"x20" Paillette Poly Flax Polyester Napkins (10 Colors)Sample Crystal Organza Sash(7 Colors)Sample Zebra Printed Satin Sash - Canary Yellow/Black 81116(1pc)
Sample 20"x20" Zebra Satin Napkin - Yellow / Black 81916(1pc)
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Sample 20"x20" Zebra Satin Napkin - Bubble Gum / Black 81935(1pc)
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Sample 20"x20" Zebra Satin Napkin - Turquoise / Black 81985(1pc)
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Sample 20" x 20" Scuba (Wrinkle-Free) Polyester Napkins - 2 Colors