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Featured Products

CE & FDA Certified 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks 50 PCS
Safety Face Shields with Protective Clear Film, Reusable plastics Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge. Eye Protection - 01998 (5pcs)
90" x 132" Seamless Rectangular Italian Velvet Tablecloths (10 Colors)120" Round Seamless Italian Velvet Tablecloths (10 Colors)
120" Round Seamless Ribbon Taffeta Tablecloths (16 Colors)132" Round Ribbon Taffeta Tablecloths (16 colors)90" x 132" Seamless Rectangular Scuba (Wrinkle-Free) Tablecloths (15 colors)120" Seamless Round Scuba (Wrinkle-Free) Tablecloths (15 Colors)
90" Round Plaid Polyester Tablecloths (6 colors) 120" Round Seamless Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Tablecloths (10 Colors)Striped Jacquard Polyester Tablecloths Floral Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths
Versailles Chopin Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths Marquis Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths108" Round Lace Table Overlays (24 Colors)132" Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Tablecloths (10 Colors)
108" Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Round Tablecloths (10 Colors)120"  Round Satin Rosette Tablecloths (12 colors)90" Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Round Tablecloths (10 Colors)90"x132" Rectangular Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Tablecloths (10 Colors)
90"x 156" Rectangular Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Tablecloths (10 Colors)72"x 72" Square Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Table Overlays Toppers/ Table Cloths (10 Colors)13"x 108" Sequin Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Table Runners (10 Colors)20"x20" Sequin Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Polyester Napkins (10 Colors)
8"x108" Paillette Poly Flax / Burlap Chair Sashes (10 Colors)30"x 42" (200 GSM) Cocktail Spandex Table Covers (39 Colors)36"x 42" (200 GSM) Cocktail Spandex Table Covers (39 Colors)12"x 108" Sequin Table Runners (21 colors)
Rose Raschel Lace Table Runners (5 Colors)Floral Raschel Lace Table Runners (5 Colors)Water Lily Raschel Lace Table Runners (3 Colors)20"x20" Sequin Napkins (21 colors)
Sequin Spandex Chair Caps (20 Colors)Sequin Spandex Banquet Chair Covers (19 Colors)7"x 13" Sequin Spandex Chair Bands (21 Colors)Lace Table Runners (24 Colors)
72" Square Lace Table Overlays / Tablecloths (24 Colors)54"x108" Rectangular Lace Table Overlays (24 Colors)Rectangular Banquet Ruffled Crushed Taffeta Fitted Tablecloth With SkirtNapkin Rings (11 styles)
Rhinestone Chair Sash / Chair Band Buckles (16 Styles)Round Striped Jacquard Polyester Tablecloths 108" Round Seamless Sequin Tablecloths (23 Colors)120" Round Sequin Tablecloths (22 Colors)
132" Round Sequin Tablecloths (22 Colors)90"x 132" Rectangular Seamless Sequin Tablecloths (22 Colors)90"x 156" Rectangle Seamless Sequin Tablecloths (23 Colors)6ft Sequin Rectangular Spandex Table Covers (17 Colors)
8ft Sequin Rectangular Spandex Table Covers (17 Colors)7"x 13" Spandex Chair Bands (39 Colors)Rouge Spandex (200 GSM) Premium Chair Covers (22 colors)Spandex (200 GSM) Premium Banquet Chair Covers (31 colors)
Embossed Spandex Banquet Chair Covers (18 colors)Embossed Vintage Rouge Spandex Banquet Chair Covers (7 colors)17' Accordion Pleat Polyester Table Skirts (15 colors)21' Accordion Pleat Polyester Table Skirts (15 colors)
Metal Table Skirt Clips17' Accordion Pleat Floral Damask Jacquard Polyester Table Skirts (13 colors)21' Accordion Pleat Damask Jacquard Polyester Table Skirts (13 colors)85" Square Forest Taffeta Table Overlays (11 Colors)
90"x132" Seamless Banquet Rectangle Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (10 Colors)90"x156" Seamless Rectangle Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (11 Colors)132" Round Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (10 Colors)120"  Seamless Round Forest Taffeta Tablecloths (7 Colors)
120" Round Pinched wheel Taffeta Tablecloths (3 Colors)120" Seamless Round Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloths (28 Colors)120" Round Seamless Crushed Taffeta Tablecloths (33 Colors)120" Floral Round Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths (14 colors)
90" Floral Round Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths (14 colors) 108" Floral Round Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths (14 colors)132" Floral Round Jacquard Damask Polyester Tablecloths (14 colors) 120" Seamless Heavy Duty Satin Round Tablecloths  (40 Colors)
108" Heavy Duty(200 GSM) Round Polyester Tablecloths (27 colors)90" Seamless Round Satin Table Overlays (57 colors)85" Seamless Ribbon Taffeta Table Overlays(15 Colors)72"x 72" Square Satin Table Overlays / Tablecloths (57 colors)
72x72 Seamless Square Organza Table Overlays / Tablecloths (41 colors)90"x 156" Seamless Rectangular Satin Tablecloths (57 colors)Ballerina Spandex Chiavari  Chair Covers (13 colors)Chiffon Chiavari Chair Covers (8 colors)
Chiffon Chiavari  Chair Covers With Sash (9 colors)Versailles Chopin Damask Jacquard Polyester Banquet Chair Covers (11 colors)Marquis Damask Banquet Jacquard Polyester Chair Covers (11 Colors)Polyester Banquet Chair Cover (14 Colors)
Polyester Folding Chair Covers - (14 Colors)Floral Jacquard Damask Polyester Banquet Skirt Chair Covers (5 colors)Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Covers (18 Colors)Satin Universal Self Tie Chair Covers (14 Colors)
Embroidered Organza Chair Sashes - 8x108 (31 Colors)9.5" x 108" Pintuck Taffeta Chair Sashes - 28 Colors9.5" x 108" Crushed Taffeta Chair Sashes - (33 Colors)Satin Chair Sashes - 8x108 (57 Colors)
Organza Chair Sashes   - 8 x108  (41 Colors)12"x 116" Angle End Organza Chair Sashes - (41 colors)13.5 x 108 Satin Table Runners - 57 colors13"x 108" Pintuck Taffeta Table Runners - 28 Colors
13"x 108" Crushed Taffeta Table Runners - 33 colors12.75"x 108" Embroidered Organza Table Runners (31 Colors)12"x 108" Pinchwheel Taffeta Table Runners (16 Colors)12"x108" Ribbon Taffeta Table Runners (16 Colors)
20"x 20" Pintuck Taffeta Napkins (28 Colors)20" x 20" Crushed Taffeta Napkins (33 Colors)20" x 20" Heavy Duty Satin Napkins (40 Colors) 20"x 20" Satin Napkins (57 colors)

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Welcome to Wedding Linens Direct, Your source for Factory Direct table linens at Wholesale prices. Wedding Linens Inc., since year 2000, has been in the wedding supply business with its own factory and mill to manufacture our inventory of very high quality table linens, table covers, chair covers, chair sashes, table runners, table overlays, table napkins, table skirts that are perfect for weddings, special events and occasions. Our linens are best used as wedding reception linens, and wedding, party event, restaurant, convention centers, hotel, catering service, banquet hall, and floral supplies.

We carry a huge selection of fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes that includes the following: Polyester, Spandex, Pintuck Taffeta, Crushed Crinkle Taffeta, Ribbon Taffeta, Pinchwheel Taffeta, Forest Leaf Taffeta, Satin, Satin Rosette, Lace, Organza, Embroidered Organza, Jacquard Damask, Jacquard Striped, Jacquard Plaid, Polyester Flax, and Sequins. Our quality table linens include, but not limited to, tablecloths, table covers, linen tablecloth, Table skirts, table clips, table overlays, table overlay toppers, linen napkins, table napkins, wedding napkins, napkin rings, chair covers, spandex table covers, high boy cocktail table covers, spandex chair covers, taffeta & satin universal self-tie chair covers, banquet & folding polyester chair covers, satin chair sashes, organza chair sashes, chair bow, chair ties, table runners, lace table covers, lace tablecloths, lace overlays, lace table runners, lace chair sashes, and many more…

Wedding Linens Inc. is very proud to serve all resellers and rental businesses, such as banquet halls, convention centers, hotels, restaurants, wedding reception and catering services, wedding chapels, floral shop, and special event planners, who offer a venue and decoration services to their customers and are looking for high end with rock bottom wholesale prices with table linens that match specific event themes. Our focus is mainly on a B2B business model and those who are planning to start a new business. We are seeking long-term business relationships with professionals in the wedding- and event-related service industry.